Postdesigner is Gabby Nathan (36). She is a multidisciplinary artist. Gabby mostly lived and worked in Tel Aviv but recently moved to Beer Sheva.

Gabby's paintings reveal an ambivalent approach to the consuming culture and to the consuming society. Hate, disgust, love, and dependence surface from self portraits accompanied by images of inflatable plastic toys. Her work is a kind of painted autobiography, a complicated relationship with the world of shiny plastic and illusions.

She was actually an active participant in this world (as an art director in the TV commercial industry) and the commercial world nurtured and fertilized her emotionally, creatively and financially, but naturally she also loathes and resents the brainwash of capitalism. Disappointment of an empty, hollow, and meaningless world often reflects in her work.

Gabby has shown in several group exhibitions, among them at the Urbanix gallery, Haifa Museum of Art and at the Fresh Paint contemporary art fair.


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